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The Main Street Strollers dance at the Smith Flat House located at 2021 Smith Flat Road, Placerville, CA. We dance plus level from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. with a caller rotation:

  • May 25th – DARK
  • June 1st – Scott Pearce
  • June 8th – Scott Pearce
  • June 15th – Scott Pearce
  • June 22nd – Rick Gettleman
  • June 29th – Rick Gettleman

Can’t make it Thursday evenings? Consider dancing with the Apple Jacks and Jills on Wednesday evenings at the Shingle Springs Community Center located at 4440 South Shingle Road; dancing SSD and Plus between 7:00pm-9:00pm with Scott Pearce as caller. For more information, call Carolyn Havicon 916-801-6921.

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Join us on Thursday nights each week for our weekly workshops and dancing!


The Main Street Strollers is a Plus square dance club that has fun dancing every Thursday evening between 7:00pm and 9:00pm at the Smith Flat House:
2021 Smith Flat Road –  Placerville, CA  95667

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Dancers in ocean wave

The Main Street Strollers have resumed dancing at our new location in Placerville. The Main Street Strollers dances at a “Plus” level, but we also understand some dancers may want to review the Plus dance calls after being absent for some period of time. We consider this a part of the workshop process so please come join us even if you have been away for a while. It all comes back like riding a bicycle.

Perhaps you are brand new to Square Dancing or experienced it years ago? Modern Square dance has changed quite a bit since its inception. It is a great way to meet people, relax, and relieve built-up stress.  Modern square dance attire has changed too, and women often wear jeans, prairie skirts or western attire (although traditional square dance attire can be a lot of fun). And the music has changed where you’ll now often find a place to dance the night away with a variety of tunes from country to rock and roll. Modern square dance has re-invented itself to fit today’s lifestyle. Singles, couples, and families will all enjoy new friendships and have lots of fun.

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Square dance starts with eight dancers (four couples) arranged in a square pattern on the dance floor. The dancers (as defined as the “heads” or “sides” of a square depending upon where they are standing) are prompted (cued) by a caller through a sequence of patterns or steps to music. Square dance patterns are unique, fun, and challenging; and the dancers never know the exact sequence of steps the caller may call ahead of time. Think of it as a puzzle that everyone dances to music. It’s a great way to exercise your mind and your body!! Learning to square dance is easy and is accomplished through a variety of classes that gently teaches a set of “calls” that are learned in succession all while having fun during each class session. Dancers start out learning SSD (Social Square Dance) or Basic level which provide dancers with loads of fun. Once comfortable with SSD or Basic, additional levels are also available that add calls to the SSD and Basic program called “Mainstream” and “Plus”. These new levels capitalize on what was learned from SSD/Basic and are completely optional, but many dancers find that after learning SSD/Basic they want to expand their dancing skills that include these additional calls and challenges.