Thursdays Square Dance

6:30pm to 9:00pm - Full PLUS

Join us the 1st Thursday of each month for PARTY NIGHT!!!  Lots of dancing, food and fun.

To see online demonstration and definitions of Plus calls, See the Tam Twirlers website link below:

Round Dance

For local Round Dance class information, please see Marie Hathaway's website


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Our "Share dance" was a lot of fun this year while also helping our community!

 Share Dance 2016

Square and Round Dance with the Main Street Strollers

In Placerville California

The Main Street Strollers are located at 467 Main Street, Placerville CA 95667

We are a Plus level Square dance club that meets on Thursday evenings.  We dance on a beautiful floating carriage-spring wood floor where the dancers are friendly and the dancing is challenging, exciting and fun!

New to Square Dancing? Modern square dance is easy to learn and its lots of fun!  If you can walk, you can dance...

Square dancing starts with eight dancers (four couples) arranged in a square pattern. The dancers are all prompted (cued) by a caller through a sequence of patterns or steps to music. Many square dance patterns are unique, fun, and challenging; and the dancers never know the exact sequence of steps the caller will call ahead of time. Think of it as a puzzle danced to music!

Modern square dance has re-invented itself to fit today's lifestyle. Singles, couples, and families will all enjoy new friendships.  Modern square dance attire has changed too, and women often wear jeans, prairie skirts, western, or square dance clothing. And the music has changed where you'll often find a place to dance the night away with a variety of tunes from country to rock and roll.

Round Dancing is a choreographed and cued type of ballroom dance for couples, but differs from the better known type of freestyle ballroom dancing. Each round dance is fully choreographed ahead of time. Similar to square dance, a "cuer", or leader guides the round dancers through a series of dance steps to music as learned from your round dance classes. You'll learn Waltz, Two Step, Rumba, Fox Trot, and more when you learn how to round dance.

Square and round dancing is a great way to meet people, relax, and relieve built-up stress.  Enjoy music and exercise all while challenging yourself and having fun at the same time!


Check out our new photos and the New Dancer Party Night video on the Photos Page!!!